Asset overview


Figure 1
Foxleigh Coal Map

Foxleigh Mine is located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin coalfield, 12km south of Middlemount and 272km northwest of Rockhampton (Figure 1). The mine was established in 1999 as an open cut operation producing benchmark quality, LV PCI coal for the export market. Saleable production in CY 2019 (100% basis) was ~3.1 million tonnes.

Foxleigh Mine is owned and operated as a Joint Venture with POSCO Australia Pty Ltd (“POSCO”) and Nippon Steel Australia Pty. Limited (“Nippon”) owning 20% and 10% respectively. POSCO and Nippon are longstanding customers of Foxleigh.

Mining is undertaken using the truck and excavator method, with raw coal delivered to Foxleigh’s coal handling and preparation plant (“CHPP”) for washing.

Product coal is hauled 27km on a private haul road to a dedicated train loading facility located alongside the Capcoal (German Creek) rail loop and then is railed 280km to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (“DBCT”) at the Port of Hay Point near Mackay, Queensland.

Foxleigh Coal map

Foxleigh has a diversified base of longstanding customers in key export markets including South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.